Temple of the Lotus


Devoted to Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and Mahayana Buddhism

May all beings be well & happy

Fly the Flag of Buddhism!

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Grand Hall of Space 空之大雄宝殿

Hall of Earth 地大之殿

  About this Temple...

  Popular ways of invoking Avalokitesvara

Hall of Water 水大之殿

  Mahayana Buddhism

  Manifestations of Avalokitesvara 1

  Manifestations of Avalokitesvara 2

  Manifestations of Avalokitesvara 3

  Manifestations of Avalokitesvara 4

  Manifestations of Avalokitesvara 5

  Deities of the Lotus 1

  Deities of the Lotus 2

  Deities of the Lotus 3

Hall of Fire 火大之殿

  Famous Teachings of Avalokitesvara

  Legends, Origins and other Miscellaneous stuff

  Images of the Garbhakosa Dhatu Mandala 1

  Images of the Garbhakosa Dhatu Mandala 2

  MANDALA - The Legend of Kukai 1

  MANDALA - The Legend of Kukai 2

Hall of Wind 风大之殿

  Personal Information

  My Writings on the Dharma

  Links to Singapore Buddhist sites

  The 4 Sacred Sites of Pilgrimage in Buddhism

  Buddhist Mantra & Sutra Chanting CDs

  Buddhist Amulets and Images

  Fengshui Consultation


This Temple is under constant expansion

Be mindful of yourself and have a nice day

Last Revised: 30/10/2005

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