Mahayana Buddhism 大乘佛法

True Mahayana has no limits. It is all embracing, leaving nothing out in it's quest for enlightenment, be it Theravada, Vajrayana, or even something not totally related to Buddhism, perhaps even against it. Since enlightenment is universal, why shouldn't you be universal as well? In ALL things we can find ONE truth - this is the teaching of the Lotus Sutra. In ONE truth we can see ALL things - this is the teaching of the Flower Adornment Sutra. They are the pillars of Mahayana; through them we realize the measureless wisdom that cannot be found except in our own hearts. Therefore I urge everyone to 'put down' their attachments and pre-conceptions. There is nothing that can be taught or is there anything to be learned - everything is immediate. Go!

The Non Dual Truth 不二法门

"Everything is real, everything is unreal, Everything is both real and unreal,

Everything is neither real nor unreal; These refer to the real nature of all Dharma."


<Maha-prajna-paramita Upadesha>

"Without views one maintains right view, For all things are but the Truth.

If you think you see the meaning, You're really seeing nothing."

华严经 <Flower Adornment Sutra>

"As one clings to nothing, such a mind is thus produced."

金刚经 <Diamond Sutra>

"Seeking the Dharma does not imply seeking anything at all."

维摩经 <Vimalakirti-nirdesa Sutra>

One Enlightenment 一乘妙理

"Impermanent are all things, Such is the law of birth and death.

When birth and death are no more, Attained is the joy of Nirvana."

大涅磐经 <Maha-parinirvana Sutra>

"In all the Buddha Lands of the universe, There is only One Vehicle and Dharma,

Neither a second nor a third exists- They are only the skillful means of the Buddha."

法华经 <Lotus Sutra>

The Nature of the Mind 自性清净

Vajrapani: "Bhagavan! Who is it that seeks Sarvajna (omniscience)? Who seeks Bodhi (enlightenment) for the sake of Buddhahood? Who attains the wisdom of Sarvajna (when self does not exists)?"

Vairocana: "Guhyaraja, by our own minds do we seek Bodhi and Sarvajna. Why is that? Because our minds are pure by nature. The mind is neither within, without, nor in between. The mind cannot be found."

大日经 <Maha-vairocana Sutra>

"Wonder of wonders! All sentient beings in this world possess the inner qualities of the Tathagata, yet they never realize it for their minds are blinded by ignorance."


<The Buddha after his Awakening>

"Our minds are by nature pure and enlightened; With this mind should we enter straight into Buddhahood."


<Hui Neng, 6th Patriarch of Chan>

Defilement and Enlightenment 烦恼即是菩提

"Like the Lotus which cannot grow not on high ground but only in low marshy land, those who have entered nirvana by cutting off all klesa (defilement) will not develop into Buddhahood; whereas sentient beings in the mire of klesa eventually will. Like paddy seeds that cannot grow in space but only in manured fields; those who have cut off all klesa cannot progress into the Buddha Dharma whereas beings whose klesa are endless may one day do so. Thus all kinds of klesa are the seeds of the Tathagata. This is like a man who cannot obtain precious pearls if he does not dive into the sea. Likewise, a man who does not dive into the sea of klesa will never find the pearl of savajna."

维摩经 <Vimalakirti-nirdesa Sutra>

"Wondrous is our pure nature; From craving it is born.

To return the mind to its natural purity, Subdue the mind with stronger craving."

金刚顶经 <Vajra-sekhara Sutra>

"Lust and abstinence are non-dual; Confusion arises with the minds of sentient beings."


<Yoga-maha-sasana-raja Sutra>

"If we love the Dharma as much as we love sex, we would become Buddhas in this body and in this very life."

六世达赖喇嘛 <The 6th Dalai Lama>

Arousing Bodhicitta 发菩提心

"Comparing all meritorious deeds, None surpasses the resolution to seek enlightenment (bodhicitta).

Through it one realizes sarvajna, And from the Dharma one is reborn."

华严经 <Flower Adornment Sutra>

"Bodhicitta is the source of all merits, the motivation behind all practices."


<Maha-vairocana Sutra Commentary>

"The Dharma of the Buddha is profound, far-reaching; only another Buddha can fathom it. However, if a person believes in this Dharma, even if he has not realize Buddhahood, he will be able to gain initiation into the Dharma by virtue of his belief."


<Maha-prajna-paramita Upadesha>

"The Dharma is beyond all form, Yet it is always to be found in them."

法华经 <Lotus Sutra>

"All sentient beings are the Buddha Land."

维摩经 <Vimalakirti-nirdesa Sutra>


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