Personal Information 有关于作者

Age: 31

Name: Wayne 胡镇峰

Address: Yishun, Singapore

Occupation: Civil Servant

Dharma name: Karma Migyur Dorje 不变金刚

Interests: Buddhism, Chinese Martial Arts, Comics, and Movies

Greetings, brothers and sisters, I'm the servant of this sacred temple. I've been a Buddhist since I was a child, but officially I've only taken refuge 4 years ago under a Tibetan Buddhist tradition, at the Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre in Singapore. Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara has aided me many times in my life, and after taking empowerment in his manifestations, I feel a great karmic connection to him. Therefore I feel it's my duty to spread the name and merits of Avalokitesvara to as many people as possible. May those who wish to open their hearts to the Dharma do so through His great compassion, and may all beings be freed from suffering.

My knowledge is weak and my wisdom shallow, so feel free to email me your advises, comments and criticisms here.

Contributions to this Temple in any form are also most welcomed.


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