The 4 Sacred Sites of Pilgrimage in Buddhism 佛教四大圣地

This page is built in celebration of Vesak Day 2544BE (2000AD)

When the Buddha was reclining between twin Sala trees in the Sala Grove of the Mallas in Kusinara, ready to enter Parinirvana, He spoke of 4 places made sacred by His association. They are sites where faithful followers should visit with reverence & awe. They are:

  1. The place where the Buddha was born (Lumpini)
  2. The place where the Buddha attained Enlightenment (Bodhigaya)
  3. The place where the Buddha first turned the Wheel of the Dharma (Sarnath)
  4. The place where the Buddha entered Parinirvana (Kusinara)

The Buddha added,"And they who shall die with a heart of belief in the course of their pilgrimage will be reborn in a celestial plane on the dissolution of their bodies."

Let us now take a look at some recent pictures & postcards of these 4 sites:


Ruins of the Lumpini Park

The Puskarni Pond where Queen Mahamaya took a bath before giving birth

The Ashoka Pillar at Lumpini erected to mark the birthplace of the Buddha

A small Shrine to Queen Mahamaya on one side of the Ashoka Pillar


The Mahabodhi Temple at Bodhigaya

An interior view of the Mahabodhi Temple

A descendant of the pious Bodhi Tree that sheltered the Buddha during His struggle for enlightenment

The sacred Vajrasana - admantine seat of enlightment 

The Ajapala Banyan Tree where Sujata offered milkrice to the Buddha in the morning after His enlightenment

The Animesh Locana where the Buddha gazed at the Bodhi Tree in gratitude during the 2nd week following

The Ratna Camkamana where the Buddha paced up & down during the 3rd week following

The Mucalinda Lake where the Naga King came forth to shelter the Buddha from a storm that arose during the 6th week


Ruins of the Deer Park at Sarnath

The Ramabhar Stupa marking the spot where the 5 ascetics received the Buddha

The magnificent Dhamekh Stupa where the Buddha first turned the Wheel of the Dharma

Remains of the Ashoka Columns erected to mark the significance of the Deer Park


The Mahaparinirvana Temple at Kusinara

The Reclining Buddha Statue inside the Mahaparinirvana Temple

The Chankhandi Stupa where the Buddha was cremated

Perhaps the most intact Ashoka Pillar in existence marking the place of the Buddha's cremation







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