Buddhist Mantra & Sutra Chanting CDs 佛教经咒音碟

I have quite a collection of Buddhist mantra & sutra chanting CDs available. The visitor can hear samples of the various chants when surfing through the different halls & chambers of this online temple. Here is a rough list:

Bodhisattva Chants

  1. Mantra of 6 Syllables (1cd/Tibetan)
  2. Dharani of Great Compassion (2cds/Sanskrit/Tibetan, 2 Tunes)
  3. Dharani of Great Compassion (1cd/Sanskrit, Club Remix versions)
  4. Heart Mantra of Great Compassion (1cd/Tibetan)
  5. Mantra of Cunda Avalokitesvara (2cds/Sanskrit, Long/Middle/Heart, 2 Tunes)
  6. Recitation of Avalokitesvara/Guanyin (2cds/Chinese, 2 Tunes)
  7. Mantra of Green Tara (2cds/Sanskrit/Tibetan, 2 Tunes)
  8. Mantra of White Tara (1cd/Sanskrit)
  9. Heart Mantra of Manjusri (1cd/Tibetan)
  10. Heart Mantra of Prajna Paramita or Wisdom Perfection (1cd/Sanskrit)

Buddha Chants

  1. Full Surangama Mantra (1cd/Sanskrit)
  2. Surangama Heart Mantra (1cd/Sanskrit)
  3. Heart Mantra of Amitabha Buddha (1cd/Tibetan)
  4. Recitation of Amitabha/Amituofo (2cds/Chinese, 2 Tunes)
  5. Mantra of Sukhavati Vyuha or Pure Land (1cd/Sanskrit)
  6. Heart Mantra of Vairocana Buddha (1cd/Sanskrit)
  7. Vairocana Mantra of Light (1cd/Sanskrit)
  8. Heart Mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha (1cd/Tibetan)
  9. Heart Mantra of Bhaisajya Guru or Medicine Buddha (1cd/Tibetan)
  10. Mantra of Bhaisajya Guru or Medicine Buddha (1cd/Tibetan)
  11. Mantra of the Relic Body of All Tathagatas (1cd/Sanskrit)
  12. Usnisa Vijaya Dharani by Zun Sheng Monastery of Wutai Shan (1cd/Chinese & Sanskrit)

Vajrayana Chants

  1. Mantra of Guru Rinpoche (1cd/Tibetan)
  2. Mantra of Wealth Deity Yellow Zhambala (2cds/Tibetan)
  3. Mantra of Wealth Deity Ganapati (Ganesha) (1cd/Tibetan)
  4. Mantra of Celestial King Vaisramana (1cd/Sanskrit)
  5. Mantras of the 5 Kubera Wealth Deities (1cd/Sanskrit)
  6. Heart Mantra & Fire Mantra of Acala Vidyaraja (1cd/Sanskrit)
  7. Heart Mantra of Daikini Kurukule (1cd/Tibetan)
  8. Mantra of Maha Mayura (Peacock Queen) Vidya Rajini (1cd/Sanskrit)

Theravada Chants

  1. 9 Recitations of LP Parn's Rich & Enhanced Rich Kathas (1cd/Pali)
  2. 9 Recitations of the Jayamangala & Jaya Parittas - Thai Style (1cd/Pali)
  3. 3 Recitations of the Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta - Thai Style (1cd/Pali)
  4. Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta Chanting by Ven Ganekumbure (1cd/Pali)
  5. 9 Recitations of the Jinapanjara Gatha - Sri Lankan Style (1cd/Pali)
  6. Bahum Mahaka, Itipiso 108x & Chinabanchon Chanting by LP Jarun, Wat Ampawan (1cd/Pali)
  7. Metta Sutta (1cd/Pali)
  8. Maha Paritta Pali – Burmese Version (1cd/Pali)
  9. Paritta Chanting – Thai Version (1cd/Pali)
  10. Phra Katha Chinabanchon & Katha Pahung – Song Version (1cd/Pali)
  11. Morning Chanting by Phra Boonyeun (1cd/Pali)
  12. Evening Chanting by Phra Boonyeun (1cd/Pali)
  13. Morning & Evening Chanting by Wat Ananda (1cd/Pali)
  14. Abhidhamma Chanting by Wat Ananda (1cd/Pali)
  15. Festival Chanting by Wat Ananda (1cd/Pali)

Mahayana Sutras

  1. Sanghata Sutra (3cds/English)
  2. Heart Sutra (2cds/Sanskrit/Tibetan, 2 Tunes)
  3. Diamond Sutra (1cd/Chinese)
  4. Sutra of the Universal Gate of Avalokitesvara (1cd/Chinese)
  5. Sutra of the Fundamental Vows of Ksitigarbha (3cds/Chinese, Long)
  6. Simplified Sutra of the Fundamental Vows of Ksitigarbha (2vcds/Chinese)
  7. Sutra of Amitabha (1cd/Chinese)
  8. Sutra of Amitayus (2cds/Chinese, Long)
  9. Sutra of Amitabha & Sutra of Amitayus Anime (1vcd/Chinese)
  10. Sutra of the Visualization of Amitayus Anime (1vcd/Chinese)
  11. Sutra of Bhaisajya Guru or Medicine Buddha (1cd/Chinese)
  12. In Praise of the Lotus Sutra (1cd/Chinese)


Also available:

    1. Mandala - The Legend of Kukai (2vcds/Chinese)
    2. Mandala - The Movie Soundtrack (1cd/Music)
    3. Karmapa – The True Story of the 17th Karmapa’s Rebirth (2vcds/Chinese)
    4. Karmapa – The Lion Begins to Roar (1dvd/English)
    5. Milarepa Part I – The Movie by Neten Chokling (1dvd/Tibetan with Eng subtitles)
    6. Milarepa – The Movie by Sonam Rinpoche (1dvd/Tibetan with Eng subtitles)
    7. The Tibetan Book of the Dead (1dvd/English)
    8. The Yogis of Tibet (1dvd/English)
    9. The 6th Patriarch of Chan – Legend of Hui Neng (2vcds/Chin with Eng subtitles)
    10. Master of Chan – Legend of Bodhidharma (2vcds/Chin with Eng subtitles)
    11. Narok – The Journey to Hell (1dvd/Thai with Eng subtitles)
    12. Angulimala – From Murderer to Saint (2vcds/Thai with Eng subtitles)
    13. Stories of Early Buddhism Anime (3vcds/Chinese)
    14. Freedom - Buddhist Songs by Huang Siting (1vcd+1cd/Chinese)

Visitors interested in getting any of the above CDs or VCDs please email me here. Some of the different mantras come together in one CD, & the sutras consist of 2 or 3 CDs. The current price is $7.00 per CD or US$7.00 for foreign orders. The VCDs are $10.00 per set or US$10.00 for foreign orders. For tunes not already playing in the temple kindly ask for sample wav files, thanks.





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